Forestar Moves to Sue Groundwater District

Big Money (Forestar) rolls out big guns (Lawyers) to intimidate guardians (Lost Pines GCD Board) into capitulating (giving them what the want) rather than protecting our groundwater resources. We need your help to let the Board know that they are doing the right thing in protecting our groundwater and WE HAVE THEIR BACK. Ask them to please “stand tall and stay the course”.

Plan to attend the July 17, 2013, meeting of the Lost Pines GCD Board at 7:00 pm at Bastrop City Hall, 1311 Chestunt Street, Bastrop, TX. We will be providing more information about this meeting and what you can do to support the Board.

Forestar Group (USA) has taken initial steps to enable it to file suit against Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District (District). Forestar requested 45,000 ac-ft/yr of groundwater from the Simsboro Aquifer and the District granted only 12,000 ac-ft/year. Challenging this decision, Forestar has taken administrative steps to request a rehearing and thereby is threatening to sue the District. By requesting a “finding of facts and conclusion of law,” (see Item 8 of the LPGCD July 17 agenda) Forestar has taken the initial step necessary to clear their way to sue Lost Pines GCD in Bastrop County District Court.

In the meeting where the Board granted the Forestar permit, after considering the General Manager’s recommendation to approve Forestar’s request, Board member Prinz said “we’re going to do it a little different” and proceeded to cut back the applications by Forestar in order to protect the adopted desired future conditions of the District.

We owe the Board of Director a tremendous vote of GRATITUDE for acting to protect our precious groundwater resources. But now they need to hear again from the People to reassure them that we agree with their decision and will support them as they go forward through the likely litigation necessary to establish their rightful discretion as guardians of our groundwater. Please write the Board members, the County Juges, and your Commissioners and ask that they “stand tall and stay the course” in resisting the intimidation of Forestar and other water marketers who want our groundwater. Please use these links to write email your concerns, but more importantly, show up at the July 17 Board meeting:

Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Board of Directors

Bastrop County Judge Pape and Commissioners

Lee County Judge Fischer and Commissioners.

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