ES Urges Board to Stay the Course

We have a simple message to deliver to the Lost Pines Board tonight:

“Thank you, you are doing the right thing.  WE HAVE YOUR BACK.

Forestar Group (USA) took initial steps on June 3rd to enable it to file suit against Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District (District) when it formally requested “Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law” from the District (Forestar letter).  We believe that Forestar is pressuring the Board to reverse their decision and grant all 45,000 ac-ft/yr of groundwater as requested, OR BE SUED.   

The District has prepared the requested “Findings and Conclusions” and will adopt them tonight (see Item 8 of the LPGCD July 17 agenda).  Environmental Stewardship has reviewed these DRAFT Findings and Conclusions with our attorney and we have concluded that the findings and conclusions, as currently drafted, more than justify the reductions in pumpage (or more) which the District has imposed upon the Forestar operating permit (see ES letter).    

Forestar will have 20 days after receipt of the “Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law” to request a rehearing or accept the permit for 12,000 acre-feet per year as granted.  We believe that, during this period, Forestar and others will seek to convince the Board to reverse their decision and find a settlement.  That is why it is VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU LET THE BOARD KNOW THAT YOU HAVE THEIR BACK and encourage them to STAND TALL AND STAY THE COURSE.   

We owe the Board of Director a tremendous vote of GRATITUDE for acting to protect our precious groundwater resources. But now they need to hear again from the People to reassure them that we agree with their decision and will support them as they go forward through the likely litigation necessary to establish their rightful discretion as guardians of our groundwater.  Please write the Board members, the County Judges, and your Commissioners and ask that they “stand tall and stay the course” in resisting the intimidation of Forestar and other water marketers who want our groundwater.    

Please use these links to write email your concerns, but more importantly, show up at the July 17 Board meeting:

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