One Earth, One Home

Humankind has only one home, the Earth. We have a stewardship responsibility to restore and maintain the Earth and its resources to a level that will sustain life both now and far into the future.

Our activities are having an impact on critical processes that balance the biotic and abiotic components of the ecosphere. Natural laws that govern environmental conditions on earth are being pushed to threshold points; triggering natural corrective events.

Whether we will continue to enjoy the abundance of the earth, or endure the extremes, will depend on how well we manage our activities relative to the earth’s resources.

To manage the earth’s resources to the sustainable benefit of its inhabitants, we must work on a local-global basis to solve the problems that challenge mankind.

There are many examples where vision, knowledge and resources have been brought together to reverse recent trends. We have the opportunity to accept this responsibility and join together to return our communities to a path of sustainable stewardship.

                                              – Steve Box, Founder, 2007