Coalition Claims Victory at Groundwater Meeting

Mina Elementary 4th grade "Green Team" commented to Board

Mina Elementary 4th grade “Green Team” commented to Board

Bastrop, TX  – The people of Bastrop and Lee counties gained a MAJOR VICTORY at last night’s Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District hearings.  The Board of Directors listened … and they acted on our behalf. 

1)  LCRA’s request for 10,000 acre-feet/year was cut back 50% to 5,000 acre-feet/year except in years when the counties are in drought conditions.
2)  Forestar’s request for 45,000 acre-feet/year to export was cut back 75% to 12,000 acre-feet/year.
3)  Environmental Stewardship and a group of landowners were accepted for timely filing of their request for “party status” at the End Op contested case hearing to be held before the State Office of Administrative Hearings.

Lead by a coalition of Environmental Stewardship, Neighbors for Neighbors, Lost Pines Sierra Club, Groups United to Advocate Responsible Development (“GUARD”) and Independent Texans, and with another large turnout of concerned citizens and landowners, the Board heard testimony for almost two hours before getting down to business.  When they did get down to business, they had heard the wishes of the people and elected to ignore the recommendations of the General Manager.

After considering the General Manager’s recommendation to approve, Board member Prinz said “we’re going to do this a little different” and proceeded to cut back the applications by Forestar and the LCRA in order to protect the adopted desired future conditions of the District.  Persuaded by the Bastrop Commissioners Court resolution on LCRA’s request, the Board adopted the “extreme drought conditions” limitations and incorporated these conditions into their permit.  Click here for Bastrop Commissioners Court Resolution on LCRA

Earlier, the Board set the stage for their dramatic actions by granting a contested case hearing for End Op and denying the request by Aqua Water Supply Corporation for contested case hearing on the Forestar and LCRA applications.  These actions set the stage for the general meeting where the Forestar and LCRA applications were reigned in to pumping levels that can be defended and that reasonably protect the Simsboro aquifer from over-pumping.

We owe the Board of Director a tremendous vote of GRATITUDE for patiently listening to our comments and concerns over the last few months and then acting to protect our precious groundwater resources.  Please write the Board members, the County Juges, and your Commissioners and thank them for leading our counties through to this victory.

Keep in mind that the board members cannot, at this time, respond to your communications since they are still sitting in judgement of the End Op, LP application that will be going into a contested case hearing.  If they were to pre-judge the application before hearing all the evidence they would either subject themselves to personal liability or be forced to recuse themselves. None-the-less, they can hear your appreciation!

Please use these links to write emails of gratitude: