June 21, 2012 Austin, TX  The Texas Water Development Board dismissed the evidence presented in Environmental Stewardship’s appeal of Groundwater Management Area 12 without substantiating their claims.

“Where we met the burden of proof by providing compelling evidence, the staff has argued that the evidence was either “out of context,” “outside the scope of these proceedings,” or “conflicting and inconclusive”  … without bothering to substantiate the reasons for these conclusions.  We consider this an abandonment of their duty to you … the Board, to us … the Petitioner, and to Texans on both sides of the issues,” said Steve Box, Executive Director of Environmental Stewardship, in comments to the Board.  Click here for ES letter to the board and ES GMA-12 Petition.

“As directed by statue, the Texas Water Development Board and its staff has a responsibility to ensure that, in carrying out mandates under Texas statutes, they guide other entities, such as groundwater conservation districts, in such a way as to avoid conflict with other statutes.  The TWDB has abandoned this duty and needs to take responsibility for its negligence, not pass the buck to the Districts or Environmental Stewardship,” said Box.


  1. Steward


    I think this is a very good idea. There is a group of folks that are starting to discuss initiatives for the next legislative session.

  2. Roy Mann

    Just one small voice here, but it seems that we’re witnessing serious disfunctionality, with TWDB’s dismissal of appeals in GMD-12 without recognizing appellant’s claims and without substantiating the basis of denial. Since dismissals of appeals in other GMD’s have also served the interest of deeper and resource-threatening withdrawals, perhaps it is time for a new state-level conference on the issues, with legislators, administrators, scientists, appellants, water conservationists, well owners, farmers, and other stakeholders convening for several days of serious presentations, debate, and votes on potential resolutions — with both approved and not-approved motions forwarded to the Leg for informed and hopefully productive consideration.

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