GMA-12 Hearing Dates and Comment Guidelines

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Table of GMA-12 Hearing dates and Contact  information

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Actions you can take to reject the proposed desired future conditions and change the course groundwater management in our counties. 

Here is the message we would like for you to help us deliver to the five Districts:

  • Please vote to reject the proposed DFCs because they will unreasonably impact our groundwater, our communities, and our rivers, springs, and streams. You still have time to do what the law requires you to do: achieve a balance between the conservation and protection of our water resources — our groundwater and our surface water systems — and the development of those resources.

  • Good planning requires agreement on management policies to guide the development of Desired Future Conditions. The districts were unable to agree on unified management policies workable for all the districts and have provided proposed DFCs based on controversial and flawed principles.

  • The proposed DFCs for GMA-12 protect only permit holders — the big pumpers — by adopting drawdowns that allow them to pump to the limits of their permits, while local domestic and livestock wells are left high and dry. Whether or not a groundwater district mitigates failed local wells or not, the proposed DFCs unreasonably impact our aquifers. Likewise, the proposed DFCs will deprive our surface water systems of the inflows from aquifers that they depend on. It is your duty to do the work to achieve the required balance!

Keep in mind that the Board of Directors of each GCD are the final decision-makers in these matters.

GENERAL GUIDELINES:  We recommend that you

1) put “Reject Proposed DFCs” in the subject line,

2) address your letter to the Board President,

3) write your email or letter in your own words using the information above and from our Coalition, and

4) copy the General ManagerGeneral Information email address and  on emails sent to the Board President.   The office address and telephone number is also provided for your convenience if you want to write, mail, or hand deliver your comments.

Other information, such as the names of  the board members and staff, may be found on the GCD’s website.

Details regarding the public hearing can be found in the Public Notice for each district. If N/A appears in this column the public hearing has not been scheduled.

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